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The Chinese Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company is well known among its customers under the name "CHIPOLBROK". The company was founded in 1951 as the first joint venture in the PRC. The Head Office is located in Shanghai while its Branch Office is in Gdynia.

Over the years, Chipolbrok has gained an excellent reputation for reliability and trustworthiness with a very high standard of services. As a result, the company is now one of the leading conventional cargoes carriers offering two round-the-world services a month from:

  • Continental ports to main Chinese ports / Far East ports
  • China / Far East to Europe / Mediterranean Sea
  • Europe to the Far East via the Middle East / India
  • Europe to USA and US Gulf
  • China / Far East to USA and US Gulf
  • USA and US Gulf to Europe
  • USA and US Gulf to China / Far East and South East Asia

Chipolbrok is a successful company with growing cargo volumes and market share.
Currently, Chipolbrok owns and operates a fleet of 20 modern multi-purpose triple-decker vessels, ideal for carrying investment cargoes such as project cargo, heavy and long pieces, metro wagons, vehicles, machinery and bulk cargoes together with containers. The deadweight capacity of the vessels ranges from 18,144 to 30,435 DWT.

The fleet includes 9 multi-purpose heavy lift vessels equipped with cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 640 tonnes. Additionally they are characterised by a movable system of pontoons which optimises the loading capacity of under deck space. Furthermore, Chipolbrok has modernised 7 other types of ships and equipped them with new heavy lift cranes with a lifting capacity of 300 tonnes.